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Stout Month Culmination: A Chops Celebration!

The King of Chops with piper: you don't want to miss this!
The King of Chops with piper: you don't want to miss this!
Photo by Left Eye Studios

As regular patrons of the Mountain Sun family of pubs have likely been aware, Stout Month is also Chops Month at the Mountain Sun, Southern Sun and Vine Street Pubs. Your favorite servers along with plenty of customers have been bushing out their facial hair or perfecting their slickest mullet for the Chops Competition, being held on the 27th at the Vine Street Pub and the 28th at the Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery. The celebration will begin when the King of Chops arrives at 10:00pm to announce the commencement of the competition. Competitors need to sign in and get a name tag, and votes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be collected and tallied at midnight.


Chop Month began 12 years ago when Tim McMurray, managing partner and talent buyer, along with (now retired) Mountain Sun manager Lou Santini decided to honor the tradition of Stout Month in their own way: by growing out mutton chops. The celebration will include bagpipes, proclamations from the King of Chops and awards of beer, gift certificates and pork chops—organic, of course—for the winners. Tim’s own propensity for interesting facial hairstyles notwithstanding, Chop Month has coincided with Stout Month ever since. You must bear either mutton chops or a mullet to compete; no matter how amazing your handlebar is, it won’t get you into the competition.


A word to the wise from Tim himself: get here early, and work the crowd. Make sure people know who you are, and engage them so that they vote for you. Best of luck to all competitors as Stout Month comes to a close with the best party in Denver on Saturday and Boulder on Sunday. Hope to see you there!


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  • avid reader 5 years ago

    What a hoot! As usual, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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