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Storyline My Way - The Great Victor Newman

Eric Braeden, The Young and the Restless
Eric Braeden, The Young and the Restless

With the recent changes of the writing team for The Young and the Restless, the cast and crew of the popular Soap Opera have taken to Twitter to entice their fans to get excited for what's yet to come. As of the twelfth of October, Josh Griffith yet again, became the Head Writer. For The Young and the Restless being the only show I have watched consistently since I was a child, I have seen the differences when writers' come and go, yet storylines seem to recycle over and over. I am however optimistic that this time, Josh Griffith will actually read tweets from fans and give us a fresh canvas. Enough of the same old, same old. It's time to get creative, but not in a too far out there sort of way. These thoughts have lead me to write what I feel should become of the characters on The Young and the Restless. This segment, I will be writing on the most powerful man in Genoa City, the Great Victor Newman.

First things first, as much as I love Eric Braeden, I am tired of the Victor / Jack wars. It's become more of a nuisance than anything. Someone always gets injured or loses a life. It's awful! I know I've had enough and I'm sure millions of fans around the world are done with that storyline. We all know that no matter what, Jack could never be as powerful as the Great Victor Newman. Although I am tired of Victor always winning, putting Jack in a place of power would just be ridiculous. There once was a time where I actually cheered for Jack, but with the writing team making him so smug and arrogant in the recent years, I almost want to blow off his head myself. Patty should have tried a little harder! There must be something better to write about out there, right?

Another storyline that needs to end is Victor trying to control his children. Again, it's always about not letting his children have their own values or opinions or even love lives. There comes a point where the parent needs to back off and let their child become an adult. It's time the writing team moves on from Victor trying to break up Victoria and Billy. Maybe it's time that they move on from Victor marrying his ex-daughter-in-law. That storyline had the ick-factor written all over it on so many levels.

Victor has had so many relationships that I am surprised he hasn't contracted an STD. Practically everyone has slept with everybody on that show. It's like a nightmare over and over again. I keep thinking about my high school sex-ed class and how they taught us to practice safe sex. Perhaps the characters should be taught that lesson as well. However, please pass the Gravol because I am sure I will want to vomit at the thought of another Victor and Nikki wedding. Don't get me wrong, I love Victor and Nikki together. I love both Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott and they have incredible chemistry together, on and off screen. The writers in the past however, have made their relationship so incredibly annoying and irritating, that I debate on whether or not to overdose on Benadryl or Gravol or both.

That being said, I would like to see Victor either retire from Newman Enterprises and move overseas, where he returns occasionally or perhaps it's time that the Great Victor Newman expires. Seriously, how many more episodes can he have whether it be heart attack, surgery, near death experiences or amnesia? The problem is that Eric Braeden has been on the show for so long that with the same storylines being recycled and reinvented, it's run stale. There isn't much that can be done to fix this character up now. I think it's time the character, not the real person, has a heart attack and expires. It could be really moving to have the death of Victor Newman. His family would be grieving, but it would also be a sad situation for the Abbott clan as well. The Abbott's would be grieving the final end of Colleen's life as her heart continued to beat in Victor's chest.

So with this final note, I beg the writers to please move on, without the Great Victor Newman.


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