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Sharon Case, The Young and the Restless
Sharon Case, The Young and the Restless
Sharon Case

There once was a lovely young woman named Sharon Collins. She came from the lower class side of town. She met and fell in love with Nicholas, a Newman, her first of the bunch. She went on to destroy her life after a few unfortuate situations. Her husband cheated on her with her best friend. Her daughter, whom she had given up for adoption, was given back to her for a second chance. Her daughter was involved in a car accident that claimed her life. Her husband cheated on her once again and left her for the mother of the boy involved in her daughters' crash. And it goes on and on and on. Can't this poor woman catch a break?

Sharon Case has always been my favorite actress on this show and that probably came from my real life encounter with her a few years back. One sunny morning in Burlington, Ontario, I was just coming out of the gym at the mall. In walked Sharon Case for an appearance and the rest was history. Sharon and I had a nice conversation and I hung out with her while she signed autographs and had pictures taken. She is a lovely person. And I really loved her character. The previous writers have made a real mess out of Sharon. Josh Griffith, without a doubt, will pull her from the bottom and make her shine once again. The only good thing that came out of these many troubling storylines is Sharon Case gained a lot of experience dealing with hard, tough situations. When is it Sharon's turn to be happy?

Now, if I were Josh Griffith, I would have Sharon hit rock bottom. (Which if you have read my article for the October 18th show, you will see that she actually does have a major meltdown). From rock bottom, Josh can slowly but surely, rebuild Sharon into a fabulous woman with perhaps a real career for a change. Maybe even give Sharon some friends, since she's only had two. One friend slept with her husband and the other friend died. O wait! There was Amy, too. Whatever happened to Amy anyway??

Sharon has slept with all the Newman men, except her son of course. First, her husband Nick, then his brother, Adam, and finally, Victor. Ick! My skin is still crawling. While pregnant with Faith, she had no idea who the father was. She was married to Jack. She slept with him, obviously. And she also slept with Nick, her ex. She then slept with another Abbott, Jack's brother Billy. Too bad John Abbott wasn't still alive. She could have had three Abbott men as well. O wait! Little Johnny will be 18 one day, right?

It's about time that Sharon rise up and dust herself off. After what happens on the October 18th episode, I'm sure she'll earn herself serious jail time or possibly a really long stay at Fairview. Hopefully from there she will get the help that she needs. I hope that Josh Griffith gives Sharon a new romance, with someone closer to her own age, and someone who isn't a Newman or Abbott. Sharon needs a fresh start and a great apartment. Perhaps Chance or Ronan would be great companions for Sharon. And maybe get her into a career, like fashion design. She could design clothes for Fenmore and then she could have Lauren as a friend.

Sharon has a lot of potential for some great storylines. Although she's been dragged to the ground by the previous writers, her storylines have been at the very least, different in the sense that it's not always about just her husband cheating. She married young. She came from the other side of the tracks. She gave a child up, got her child back, then had to deal with the death of that same child. She had to deal with losing Faith and getting her back. She had to deal with marrying the "bad" brother. She married her father in law. She ran a company, even if it was only into the ground. She's been naive. It's time to make this woman shine.

By having Sharon hit rock bottom and come back out on top, it will prove to the fans of the show that anything is possible. No matter how crazy and insane life can be, if you pick yourself up, anything can happen. Personally I hope that Josh Griffith writes Sharon a happily ever after situation. It's about time this woman catches a break.


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