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Storybook ending for Colorado Mammoth hosting the Calgary Roughnecks

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Walt Disney could not have written a better ending than what the fans saw on Saturday night at HealthONE Field inside the Pepsi Center. With Colorado Mammoth playing their ‘Lacrosse Out Cancer’ Night against the Calgary Roughnecks the ending was not going the Mammoth’s way. But you never give up. Just like the fight for cancer, you never give up.
The Colorado Mammoth found themselves down by 5 points in the first quarter. The Calgary Roughnecks started to score at will. This was not the way to represent victims who were scored a low blow to cancer and you have the Mammoth players carried their names on their back to represent who they were playing for.

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Colorado Mammoth forward Sean Pollock was wearing the name Jenna on his back. Sean knows Jenna’s struggle all too well. Jenna Pollock is Sean’s wife. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. Jenna won her battle and Sean did not disappoint either. With an ending leading up to not look so good and the Mammoth looking to lose the game, the story book ending came to be written. With Colorado Mammoth being up by four points with minutes left in the fourth, Calgary poured on the adrenaline. Calgary’s Jeff Shattler scored and 38 seconds later Jeff Shattler scored again. With tensions mounting and the play getting rougher, Calgary added two more goals and now the game was tied. All Mammoth could hope for was a tie and go into overtime.

Enter the next chapter of the story book. The game goes into a tie. The teams break for couple of minutes and return to the field of battle. Oh and don’t forget, Colorado Mammoth had Dillon Ward in as goalie for the entire game. Dillon Ward is a rookie. Dillon had to stand strong. And strong he was. He kept the Roughnecks away from the goal. Dillon had help from forward Sean Pollock. With 3:05 minutes into overtime, Sean took the ball and made a couple of moves on the Roughnecks. Now it is Sean and Roughneck goalie Mike Poulin. Pollock defeats him by putting a goal past his shoulder and Colorado Mammoth with in overtime. Final score is 10-9.

Final chapter to the story. Colorado Mammoth had a whole new coaching staff to work with this week as well. They brought in three former Colorado Mammoth players to work the bench, strategize and pull off a victory.
The Hollywood made for television movie was in fact real life. The winners were the players and who they stood for while battling cancer.