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Story of the retrogrades: Let it cook!

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Or another way of saying it might be, "Decisions make THEMSELVES when the time is right"

Ok, one of the biggest features of these looong-ass retrogrades that kick off 2014 is: When in doubt, let yourself be totally indecisive and confused. Don't force decisions!

Venus retro finished last month but Mercury is retro all Feb (in fluid Pisces). Then Mars goes retro for all of March and April. In highly vascillating Libra (of all places) for two months.

So what's it all mean?

Well, maybe that every time you think you know what you feel about something, oh my god, it changes again! But It's all serving a purpose to prepare and even protect you from what you don't need yet...situations are 'cooking.'

So don't force decisions where you don't have to. If you're unclear, just wait. Just sit tight and offer to the Divine.

Meanwhile, under the surface, you're being prepared and prepared, cleaning up, sorting out, ending old ways. Plus anything forced into Being at all cost right now may well have to be cancelled or changed 10 times by May anyway!

Of course, if something is an easy, clear flow you go with it. Oh yes.

But if NOT and you're hitting block after block, hey just sit tight, let it cook more. What's a big ole hassle right now could be easy as pie later...

Because. It. Will. Be. READY.

(I mean, do you really want to eat a pie that's a runny, gooey mess?)

Meanwhile, knowing how to offer decisions to the Divine, rather than forcing things from crazy impatience, is invaluable right now. Then decisions happen through you rather than by you.

Whole other world.

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