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Stormtroopers twerking? Viral video has ‘Star Wars’ fans thinking of Miley Cyrus

Stormtroopers aren’t always hanging out with Darth Vader and enforcing the evil side of life. Apparently in their spare time the guys kick back and dance in alleys. According to Tastefully Offensive on Sunday, the Stormtroopers even had Darth Vader in the alley checking out the twerking in the new video called “Stormtroopers Twerk.” Don’t expect to see Star Wars dancing with this viral video and since the troopers are on private time, they left their weapons at home.

Of course everyone knows that Miley Cyrus’ twerking is the best, but she probably won’t mind being compared to this cool lot of dancers. Five Stormtroopers are seen arriving in a cab somewhere in the Galaxy to show off their dance moves. In unison the dancers start moving and grooving to the music, but when it comes to the individual twerking, the Stormtroopers have almost too much armor to offer a risqué dance. It’s more like popping the white armor up and down with plenty of imagination.

A funny moment in his viral video is that Stormtroopers don’t randomly show up in an alley to show off their twerking skills without the proper music. Bringing their own music called Beat Calls, they have even uploaded the catchy tune for people to buy.

Take a look at the video clip of “Stormtroopers Twerk.” This viral video is out of this world!

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