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Storm water management plan extended

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
City councilmembers get permits for the city's work at City Hall downtown at 202 C STreet.

San Diego will not undergo any stormwater management setbacks following the expiration of its 2007 permit. An order from the San Diego Regional Water Quality COntrol Board to continue using city programs to control the stormwater discharge into San Diego waters was taken up for action last week, and set up for funding.

Water pollution prevention work done in the county will lower pollution in the San Diego Bay, Mission Bay, the San DIego River, the TIjuana RIver, and the San Luis Rey RIver to meet the standards in U.S. EPA regulations that keep up local activity built up in response to the federal Clean Water Act.

The city agrees to share costs for storm water pollution control with the municipalities that operate storm sewer systems in the San Diego region. The county, the port, and the airport authority will take up costs during the year's work keeping water clean. Cities in the county, from Coronado to La Mesa, and up to OCeanside and Vista, will spend municipal money on stormwater management programs.

In 2015, after the end of the fiscal year in June, the new MP5 permit the city was given will change the planning agreement for the city's work on controlling water pollution.

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