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Storm season: Hurricanes and mosquitoes too

Scary skies to teal berries
Scary skies to teal berries
James George

For the past several days, the daytime temperatures shoot up and it becomes unbearably steamy. To get your hiking in, you might have to breakup exercise time into a few chunks. You need to get your cardiovascular system moving, but not at the point of a heat stroke.

'Mosquito Activity Forecast for  Washington, DC'

A couple of things happen in Northern Virginia this time of year:

  1. Hurricanes
  2. Mosquito outbreaks

The Ballston Pond had some water in it today. The swamp mallows are still blooming bright red. At dusk, if it isn’t raining, is when inspects will be flying.

Have you sniffed your tap water lately. I noticed that our’s smelled funny so we shifted to bottled and filtered water. Forget about ice cubes, they really smell.

One thing that has a wonderful effluence this time of year is jasmine. It is growing like crazy. It climbs the fences and trees too along with teal berry. They all attract welcomed bees.

The evening storms make for some great photos. The clouds create a mood. Some appear as if they could turn into tornadoes very easily. That was the case last evening during the thunderstorm watch.

There was a bike rally last evening and police escorted the group through Arlington neighborhoods. I suspect that they had a very wet finish.

Did you know that you can check the mosquito conditions at TWC

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