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Storm closes PA Interstates: Use this time to relax - slideshow

Near I-78 between Harrisburg and Allentown
Near I-78 between Harrisburg and Allentown

Take time to relax, major freeways are shut down in PA

February 10, 2010 major interstates in PA closed due to snow storm and heavy winds.  According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal by John McKinnon:  "In Pennsylvania, Gov. Edward Rendell closed Interstate 83 and I-78 as well as a long stretch of I-81 from the Maryland border to I-80 shortly after noon. Several main arteries in and around Philadelphia were also shut. 'For your safety, do not drive,' Mr. Rendell said. 'You will risk your life and, potentially, the lives of others if you get stuck on highways or any road.'" (read more)

Snow plows were out blocking the entrance ramps to I-78 to prevent cars from getting on.  The driver of one snow plow from Bethel, PA said that the interstate was being closed down because emergency fire vehicles and police were unable to get access.  He said he had been asked to block the interstate entrance with snow.   View slideshow here

The stretch of I-78 where he was working had two semi trucks that were off the side of the road and traffic was backed up on the East bound side.  The West bound side was mostly traffic free.

On a snow day like today it is best to stay off the roads and enjoy a day inside.  Use this time to set some goals or work on the ones you wrote last month.  Spend some time with your family playing board games or doing some old fashioned baking.  Get to some of those projects that you haven't made time for yet. 

If you can, bundle up warm then go out and get some fresh air and exercise in the snow but don't wander too far from your house...the drifts are high, the winds are cold and have to have energy to make it back to your house. 

Take a walk with your loved one and let go of your pressing worries by enjoying some of the beauty in nature around you.  Tune in to the present by becoming aware of your immediate surroundings. 

Check on your neighbors to see that they have what they need and make sure your animals have fresh water.

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