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StoriesAlive App Review

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StoriesAlive app is one of the most interesting and largest collection of stories for children. The app helps them to read and choose from a large library of books. The books are interactive for children ages 3-8. Your child will have classics to choose from when they get started with the book.

The app also has add on selections for more books that are classics. The stories can be personalized to create a fun and imaginary world for your child to enjoy. When they personalize their story, they can change the text and / or the voice.

Children will learn to read along, set it up for auto read or even learning their vocabulary. When they do this, the story telling becomes unique for each individual child, making learning a bit more interesting and exciting.

Auryn adds new titles to the library every few weeks. The app comes with 6 FREE trial stories when it's activated. By using the app through GooglePlay or iTunes it's something that you can take with you when you travel. The app is very entertaining as well as educational.

Auryn welcomes you and your children into a world of learning and fun.


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