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Stories by Kelly Osbourne

Stories by Kelly Osbourne
Stories by Kelly Osbourne
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Bad girl turned fashionista, Kelly Osbourne is launching her own clothing line, Stories by Kelly Osbourne. The collection will launch on September 25th on America's Home Shopping Network.

Kelly titled her line Stories because she feels every article of clothing has a story behind it and we couldn't agree more. How many of us are still holding on to pieces we will never wear again just because they have a unique story or meaning behind them?! Guilty! Kelly has even created a website where fans and customers can share their "stories" about places they have worn her pieces.

We first met Kelly on her family's reality show The Osbourne's. She was the outspoken rebel of the family but we have watched her transition from this rebellious teen into an all out style star. She is currently one of the host of one of our favorite shows, Fashion Police.

With this line, Kelly aims to cater to every woman with sizes ranging from 0 to 24. Her goal is to make a woman feel beautiful and confident at any size. Kelly's own issues with weight have influenced the way she designs, which gives her an advantage to knowing how to dress a "real" woman. The line will consists of skirts, dresses, tees, jumpsuits, and jackets and range from $55 to $170.

The fashion host is so passionate about her new venture that she recently tattooed the word stories on the side of her head. Now that's commitment! We are loving the new grown-up Kelly and we can't wait for this line to launch!