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Stories about 'real' vampires in the U.S.

Vampire stories don't just begin in Europe believe it or not the U.S. has it share of so called 'real' vampires that are found in American history.

Mercy Brown, is our first case. She was a young girl, who in the 1890s in Rhode Island had her corpse staked and her brother had to drink her ashes (they burned her heart). They did this because he was sick and people thought that Brown was killing off her family. Really it was T.B. Strange little story that actually did happen, though it's highly doubting that Brown was really a vampire. Her family and other townspeople really did believe she was a vampire though.

The next case is about a vampire in Louisiana. Sounds like an Anne Rice novel right? Well in New Orleans lived St. Germain, supposedly in the early 1900s, he was in trouble for biting a woman. He had a fancy of mixing wine and blood. He lived in the French Quarter and to folklorists, he still lives at his house.

Third and last interesting American vampire story takes us to Wisconsin, Mineral Point to be exact. If you read my 'Weird Wisconsin: 'Mineral Point Vampire' then you may remember me writing about this. It's still a baffling case that happened in 1981. At the local cemetery, people sighted a vampire. A police officer, was one of the eyewitnesses and he described the vampire, as roughly around 6ft tall and had a pure white face.

So it just goes to show you that vampire lore doesn't happen in castles or faraway places, it could happen in your small little town. Keep you eyes open!

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