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Stored salvaged parts sold at lowered prices

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Junked bumper on the roadside.

All cars have a time to drive their distance. "Has your car reached the end of the road?" Ecology Auto Parts, Inc. salvages cars in SanDiego and makes sure the car waste piles in town do not top off.

Parts customers have guaranteed odds of finding a part sold at an 80 percent reduced price at one of EcoParts' San Diego locations. Two in Chula Vista. One in Oceanside. And, one at Brown Field. Customers who do not find a part can ask for a printed list of every car ever made that has a "compatible part." The deal is called free interchange information.

EcoParts keeps putting old parts in store. Car owners get cash for a junk car, or, use EcoParts' eco-friendly auto recycling network. Parts lot locations put reduced price parts on lists in San Bernadino, and out in Thousand Oaks and Santa Fe Springs on Imperial Highway.

Rain or shine, Ecology Auto Parts offers old parts deals 8 am to 5 pm that fit car owners needs. "At Ecology, we care about the environment. Wee do our part by removing old cars from the highways and public areas, and recycling them. In return, help control pollution."

Old cars come in from both pubic and private dealers. Even car parts most owners throw out do not need to go to waste. EcoParts welcomes exporters and rebuilders. In store, a San Diegan can find big truck parts that fit semis, box vans, tractors and trailers.

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