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'Storage Wars' star finds human remains in storage locker

"Storage Wars" star pays big bucks for human remains.
"Storage Wars" star pays big bucks for human remains.

Steve Monetti bought more than he bargained for when he had the winning bid on a storage locker in Harlem. Inside the storage unit, he found 31 containers with human remains in them. According to a February 11 report by the NY Post, the "Storage Wars" star paid $550 for the contents of the storage locker.

The human remains were actually ashes of people who had been cremated. No actual body parts were in the storage unit. All of the human remains were in containers that were labeled with their names and date of cremation.

The police were called and the storage locker, along with the remains, were investigated. It turned out that no laws had been broken.

The former owner of the storage unit had owned a funeral home. All of the human remains had simply been unclaimed. Warren Blake, the previous owner, had stored the human remains in the storage unit.

Adding this odd story is the fact that the building where the funeral home had been had been owned by Anthony Bailey. Bailey is was the partner of P.T. Barnum, making him the Bailey in Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus.

The former “Storage Wars” star is hopeful that the human remains will be claimed by the families of the deceased. At the time of publication, it was unknown what Steve Monetti will do with the human remains if they aren't claimed.

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