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‘Storage Wars’ sees ‘The Return of the Mogul’s Return!’ on A&E

Ivy Calvin was the big earner on this episode of Storage Wars
"Photo courtesy of A&E, used with permission."

On the second episode of last Tuesday's “Storage Wars,” the new season began with Brandi & Jarrod discussing the return of Dave Hester. He certainly is the topic of conversation. Brandon & Darrell are discussing their strategy, and Darrell decides that he is going with his method that got him there in the first place; old-school Darrell, while Ivy Calvin is bringing the heat to Montclair, California. Laura is going solo again, and hopes to wipe away any negative energy, aka Dave Hester.

Brandi is concerned that Jarrod is hung-over today and will not be at his best, but he better sober up quickly because Hester is back, and he is back to stay. Danny told Laura to be happy today, so that is just what she is doing, despite Dave.

The first unit contains some pretty good stuff, restaurant equipment, a bike, and plenty of decent items for Ivy’s store. He starts the bidding at $200, but Darrell gets it for $800.

The next one is a lot of junk, but Ivy sees lots of one-dollar bills here and gets it for $175.

Unit three is all automotive equipment, and the bidders have mixed emotions about it until Dave starts bidding and gets it for $450. However, Dave is smiling, because he knows the stuff is worth lots more than he paid for it.

Darrell & Brandon come with the trailer to load their treasures. The found a brand-new BMX bike ramp, a restaurant ice machine and so much more.

Ivy found a merry-go-round horse among his findings and brought it to a craftsman who estimated its value at $2,500.

Dave took an old computer called a Hazeltine 1000 to a salvage place to see if it had any value. They told Dave that many parts contained gold back when it was $30 an ounce, when they started it up, the 1971 computer still worked, and they estimated it to be worth about $1,000. Dave said it was just too easy.

In the end, Ivy Calvin found $5,270, Darrell & Brandon garnered $3,830, Dave Hester made a cool $1,290, but Brandi & Jarrod will have to sleep it off on this episode of “Storage Wars.”

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