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‘Storage Wars’ goes ‘Bowling for Brandi’ on A&E

Jarrod bowled Brandi over on Storage Wars
"Photo courtesy of A&E, used with permission."

Tonight’s second episode of “Storage Wars,” was held in West Covina, California, at My Self Storage Space. Dave Hester is walking down his walkway and knows that everyone hates him, except his pug dogs. Laura and Dan are on their way, and she feels that West Covina is going to bring them a lot of money. Darrell tells Brandon that they did very well in the town last time. Brandi and Jarrod remember that Darrell did very well here, or he is lying. Ivy is happy to come there too and hopes to clean up, but wants to stay away from the upstairs rooms. As Ivy asks about that Chester guy; he shows up, in his Yuuup! truck.

The first locker is leftover contractor supplies. Darrell bids $25 to open it up, and Ivy gets it for $75. He should get his money back and more, then he finds a quick shower, but has no time to check it out and make it back to the auction.

The second unit has a pool table, old sewing machine and tons of boxes, left over from a man cave. Darrell starts the bidding with $100, and Dave gets it for $425.

The third one is packed to the rafters, but it is on the second floor. Jarrod won this one for $50, and the evil eye from Brandi, who feels that they just won a trip to the dump. However, the automotive parts are of high value, when Brandi looked up one part number, it was worth five times what they paid for the unit. When Jarrod found a bowling ball, he was ready to throw it, so Brandi stood on a chair, but he hit a chair leg, and she fell down; strike! She found a bunch of porno videos, some dental supplies containing teeth.

Dave found lots of good stuff after he cleared out the pool table, he estimated it was worth about $1,500. When he found a strange-looking box that resembled a refrigerator, he decided to take it elsewhere to find its value. It turned out to be an airplane service cart. He found out that with a bit of additions, he could get about $1,200 for it.

Ivy took his shower, that was a Haz-Mat shower to EnviroGuard to have it checked out. Ivy even took a shower to test it out, and found he could get $1,200 for it.

Jarrod and Brandi went to a dental academy to have the teeth checked out.

In the end, Dave Hester’s unit paid him $3,430, thanks to the airplane cart. Jarrod & Brandi made $1,350 with their antique teeth. Ivy Calvin and his Haz-Mat shower brought him $1,199, and Darrell spent nothing, on this episode of “Storage Wars.”

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