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‘Storage Wars’ finds that ‘Bunny Owns This Town’ on A&E

The cast of Storage Wars before the return of Dave Hester
The cast of Storage Wars before the return of Dave Hester
"Photo courtesy of A&E, used with permission."

On last night’s second episode of “Storage Wars,” was held in Ramona, California, at the Alamo West Storage. As Brandon and Darrel drive the two and a half hours, they figure Dave Hester will not be there. Wrong, he is on his way and ready for a challenge. Jarrod & Brandi are at odds because she made him drive the long distance to Ramona. Ivy is in his wife’s yellow car because his did not start today.

Darrell likes the first unit because there is machinery inside, but Hester got it for $225. Ivy wanted the next unit, but Dave found out and will drop it on him, the way he always likes to do. Ivy got it for $300, because he told Dave that he was the king around here. The third one was lots of low-end furniture, that Darrell got for $800 after a bidding war with Dave.

Darrell’s locker was interesting, with lots of electronics, even a wad of cash inside a drawer. There were loads of video games, a sweet camera, and then they found cast iron figurines of rabbits; he swore were antiques. He took the cast iron bunnies to the Bunny Museum in Pasadena, and Candace told him they were worth about $1,500.

Dave brought his son, Dave Jr. to help him go through the contractor’s unit he bought. Dave told his son that everyone was laughing at him buying a pile of junk, but he bought a pile of money. With the kitchen cabinets, granite countertops and lots of other items, he could just about build a kitchen. He had a hot-water heater, a wood floor and plenty more.

Ivy found a heavy ship’s wheel among the stuff he found, and went to the Maritime Museum to see what it was worth. He found out the wheel was valued at $1,500 and even got a ride on a sailing ship.

In the end, Darrell Sheets was the big winner with a profit of $2,620, while Dave Hester’s contractor’s unit paid him $1,605. Ivy Calvin and his ship’s wheel brought him $1,326 on this episode of “Storage Wars.”

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