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‘Storage Wars’ finds ‘Best of Jarrod and Brandi’ on A&E

Storage Wars gave fans the Best of Jarrod & Brandi
"Photo courtesy of A&E, used with permission."

On tonight’s first episode of “Storage Wars,” Brandi & Jarrod are highlighted in this best of episode. Jarrod introduces himself as a buyer of two years and an underdog, but this young gun did not fear the competition. Brandi introduced herself as one of the owners of Now & Then Second Hand Store. She said that being with Jarrod is like being a full-time babysitter. So she left the store to join Jarrod on the buying circuit.
Jarrod needs not fear the competition; he needs to fear Brandi. He knows that until he finds a great unit, he will never please her. Every rule she lays down; Jarrod breaks. When they changed strategies, Jarrod did not bid, but Brandi did, and scored big.
He has had run ins with Dave Hester over the years, and when he returned to the bidding circuit, it was not a happy occasion for everyone. Now time will tell if it comes to pure hatred or just rivalry again.
When Jarrod bids on a unit that Brandi objects to, she just does not help him with the unit. He turned the tables when she won a unit that he did not like and then shouted orders to her as he sat and watched. They did have good auctions and made great sales. But when Jarrod told Brandi they were opening another store, she lost it.
She fund a horse head that was worth $3,000. They found a safe, that was not empty, but had old coins worth $3,500 inside. When Jarrod bought a truck to advertise their business, he neglected to put the address and phone number on the truck. Duh!
When Jarrod bought the Long Beach store, without telling Brandi, things started going downhill. They finally had to close the store, and then made a vow that love would keep them together, and they would stick with each other no matter what on this episode of "Storage Wars."

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