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‘Storage Wars’ discovers ‘The Man in Black is Back … in Black’ on A&E

The return of Dave Hester to Storage Wars was not a celebratory one
The return of Dave Hester to Storage Wars was not a celebratory one
"Photo courtesy of A&E, used with permission."

On the first episode of last Tuesday's “Storage Wars,” the new season began with Brandi & Jarrod on their way to the auction at Huntington Beach and Jarrod bragging that the other bidders will only get a unit, if he lets them get it. Darrell wants Brandon to do all the bidding, because he wants him to tighten up a bit on his bidding. But the regulars do not know what they are in for; when a large Mercedes van pulls up and out pops Dave Hester, who is back from exile. Hester is the bad boy of the “Storage Wars” and although most bidders do not know him, the regulars and auctioneers do, and they are not happy. Actually, Laura Dotson is there alone today, and she is appalled that Dave, who tried to discredit her and her husband is there on a day that Dan is not. When he tells her to shut up, she is ready to throw his ass out. And that is what she did.

Laura was happy that everyone was on her side. So the auction began without Dave Hester, who swore he’d be back. Ivy got the first unit for $300.

The second unit was tools and a few metal suitcases and Brandi got it for $200. Next one was Jarrod’s for $200. Brandi got the last one for $600.

Ivy fund lots of things he could sell in his shop, while Jarrod had a great time trying out the Jetovator, a vertical jet ski that uses a hose for pressure to travel above the water.

In the end, Jarrod & Brandi scored the highest with $6,640 profit; Ivy Calvin found $873, Darrell & Brandon bought nothing, and Dave Hester just got the boot, on this episode of “Storage Wars.”