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‘Storage Wars’ bidders are ‘Deep in the Heart of Upland’ on A&E

Ivy Calvin made his money back on Storage Wars
Ivy Calvin made his money back on Storage Wars
Photo courtesy of A&E used with permission

On Tuesday’s episode of “Storage Wars,” the bidders traveled to Upland, California, and Texas bidder, Mary Padian is on her way there too. But before she attends a storage auction, she stops at Randy’s Donuts for a delicious treat.

As they all pull into Stor-King, everyone has their own ideas of what they are looking for. When Mary shows up, she gets grief from the regulars, but Brandon seems to be moonstruck.

The first one goes to Brandi for $400, and it is loaded with small items, they were looking for. They found a money chute that was used on old busses, where passengers dropped their coins when entering the bus.

The next unit contains power tools and lawn equipment, and fixer-upper furniture, right up Mary’s alley. The bid goes to Ivy for $475.

The third one contains and assortment of stuff, Darrell gets it for $700, after a bidding war with Darrell, Mary left without saying goodbye to Brandon. When they check out the unit, they found what looked like the remnants of a defunct radio station.

Ivy will easily make his money back on the tools and furniture, but he found a contraption that was a cannon, used to scare away birds from airports, it is worth $600, and a big smile.

Darrell and Brandon took the audio equipment to meet with disk jockey Shotgun Tom Kelly, who gave them the good and bad news.

In the end, Darrell made $750, Ivy Calvin made $710, Jarrod only cleared $10 and Mary Padian just disappeared on this episode of “Storage Wars.”

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