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Stopping allergies at their source

Everyone who has ever suffered the sneezing, wheezing and watery eyes from a pollen attack has probably considered a variety of solutions: moving may be too expensive, never going outside is impossible and bulldozing everything within a few miles that might be spawning the offending pollen could lead to hard feelings among neighbors. So for most of us, it's just grin and bear it and hope that one or a combination of anti-allergy medicines will provide at least some relief.

However, in Japan the government has taken action to relieve the suffering of people who are allergic to cedar pollen on a much larger scale. Japanese researchers have developed a tree that does not produce pollen. While that sounds great, it's still going to take many years to solve the problem since it will take a long time to replace the unaltered trees with the new variety. At least there's hope and maybe an example for someone else to follow.

Closer to home, there's plenty to irritate allergy sufferers in the Tampa Bay area. According to the folks at the Bay area will be hit with Juniper, Elm and Maple pollen levels in the dark-yellow medium high zone with those levels staying pretty much intact at least through the weekend.

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