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Stop vomiting on your social media followers

Nobody likes vomit. Nobody likes crappy content on social media pages, either. Crappy content is just as bad as vomiting on your followers and fans.

Are you vomiting on your social media pages?
Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

It's time to ask yourself; are you vomiting on your fans and followers?

Time and time again businesses and organizations make the same mistake on their social media pages. A plan is most important to your success on social media. With no plan there is no strategy. Strategy and planning are the keys to success on social media. The plan you create should not look like an outdated business plan. Your social media strategy should cover 1-3 months of content, strategy, and prepping graphics, advertisements, and videos. Update your plan every month or three months as social media is always changing along with the algorithms.

Businesses often feel they've made an effort, when in reality they have put in an amateur effort. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. Are you posting daily or every other day with no plan, strategy, and goals?

2. Do you or the social media manager have more than 3 years experience with content writing or ad copy?

3. Does your social media manager see a gradual and constant increase in your reach, engagement, and positive feedback?

4. Does your social media manager have at least 5+ years of professional online marketing experience with a reputable company or agency?

5. Do you or your social media manager devote 40 hours per week to budgeting, creating content, strategy, and management for your social media pages?

The above questions are something for you to think about and analyze. Most often the reason social media marketing doesn't work is because the person running it doesn't have the experience to make it work. Social media management also includes working closely with other marketing efforts. For instance if you're running a contest or sweepstakes on your social media pages, you would also want to be sending promotional emails to your subscriber list, change your header graphics on your social media pages with a call-to-action, etc.

Now, if you don't have experience this doesn't mean you can't learn and become great at social media marketing. You need to be realistic with your goals, expectations, timeline, and expected results.

There are many things you can do wrong on social media. Don’t risk your brand’s image on your social media pages. Take a training course with MEGA Marketing & Event Solutions and become a true social media marketing professional in 3-6 months. Start out with a workshop or take the weekend, or 10-week course. It’s up to you! If you don’t have a stellar social media marketing plan it’s time to act now. You’re business just might be left behind if you don’t know how to serve your customers online. Get daily tips on Facebook and Twitter.

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