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Stop The Reboots and The Remakes!

This perhaps is a tired subject to discuss considering Hollywood is going to continue to rehash it's own films. I however am getting increasingly tired of having few choices when it comes to original films. Something like Beginners, Another Earth or even Win Win hardly get a chance to even make ten theaters because the bigger studios bulldog their way in first.

I implore people to make a movie in 2012 to not give your ticket money to any more sequels, remakes or reboots. While some of them may be good, most of them are terrible and merely make the original's look like fluke's to begin with. Since most of us get on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to discuss film and television, we need to use that to spread word about the original programming being presented.

This is isn't an issue of quality, but of originality.

I may not watch half of the original shows out there, but a large percentage of the viewing and ticket buying public needs to in order to sell the idea once again that originality is in demand.

We need to at least stop them before they decide to remake Citizen Kane.


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