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Stop the music now! – Feds waste $700,000 on climate change musical

Feds waste $700,000 on a climate change musical
Feds waste $700,000 on a climate change musical
photo credit - Global Climate Scam

The ability of the Obama administration to mix waste, fraud and abuse into a menu of government incompetence and create a climate change musical costing $700,000 is indeed incredible. But that is exactly what occurred and the House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith clamored for answers from White House science czar John Holdren last Thursday in a hearing according to the Libertarian Republic.

Taxpayer dollars were wasted on more than just the nearly million dollar musical that danced away dollars because the Civilians group which will be performing the play “The Great Immensity,” has liberal political ties to environmental groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council the Sierra Club and

The cheesy plot of the musical calls for the character Phyllis to uncover a mysterious plot concerning the international climate summit being held in Auckland. The only mysterious plot that needs to be uncovered is how this plot to use taxpayer dollars to finance this play was not uncovered any sooner.

But the red ink being wasted by the White House Science Czar does not stop there. $340,000 was used to examine the “ecological consequences” of early human as if current mankind needed to really know this. In addition, $15,000 went down the rat hole to study fishing practices around Lake Victoria in Africa. These bucks continue to add up and unfortunately there seems to be no one in authority who will turn the money spigot off.

Chairman Smith admonished Science Czar Holdren by stressing, “All government employees and their agency heads need to remember they are accountable to the American taxpayer who pays their salary and funds their projects,” he added. “It is not the government’s money; it’s the people’s money,” reported Libertarian Republic.

Every citizen in the United States should be concerned about the White House occupant’s preoccupation with wasting the taxpayers’ money whether it is on tens of millions in vacation trips for the Obamas or spending $50,000 to survey archived 17th Century lawsuits in Peru, it is still waste and abuse.

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