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Stop the Confusion-Lose Fat Faster.

I'm going to try this!

Clients come in and talk to me about their dieting history and it stresses them. I can see the stress on their faces when they’re recounting the diets they’ve gone through. Some diets working some not. To them what works what doesn’t and why. And one of the most stressful factors is not knowing

If you remember one thing only from this: For you to lose any significant weight/bodyfat(not dehydration) under any circumstances at any time you will be in a calorie deficit. For a period of time you will take in fewer calories than you burn through out the day.

Now lets get to “diets” that get you into that deficit.

Google comes up with 5,400,000 results for “weight loss diet”. Now I’m confused.

Here’s the deal-There is no BEST weight loss diet. No right diet. No way no how nada zip. Wish there was because I would have found it by now.  You’d be eating it and my face would be carved into Mount Rushmore.

Dieting isn’t new either. Look in the back of old magazines and you’ll see them listed along with pills, lotions and potions. When you look at the dieting and trends long enough you start to predict whats coming next  They come in cycles High follows low and back again. For example High fat diets tend to follow low-fat-diet crazes.

Just like Coke comes in different sizes and  packages. Old diets comeback repackaged. Different name, different box or book cover-same diet.

When you turn the marketing volume down. You can  put every one of them  into one of 3 categories.

1.Food Sorting or Combining diets: Basic idea is that certain foods or combination’s of foods are bad. These have been around a long time think Kosher food laws that people swear by for weight loss.

2.“More” diets: “High” anything diets fall into this category. This type of diet encourages excessive intake of a specific macronutrient  either fat, protein, or carbohydrates. High protein diets are the mainstay here.

3. “Less” diets: These are diets that contain the word “low”. Like the Low Salt Diet. This includes starvation and super low calorie diets.

And that’s pretty much it. Bariatric Surgery isn’t a “diet” so don’t email me.

So what make a diet a diet.

What’s The Factor that is at the heart of every “diet”? In essence the DNA of a diet?

There is a common thread that across the span of diet.

The DNA or Success Factor is planning. -every diet no matter the name, delivery system, calorie count etc. Every one of them requires planning. Every diet known to man requires some type of planning to execute it successfully. You are forced to, in some way, stop and think about what you’re eating and make conscious yes or no decisions. Will this food thing I’m putting in my mouth move me towards or away from my goal?

And when the smoke is cleared and you see there’s no big mystery to diets. You aren’t intimidated by them. They’re the bully who’s a bed wetter. The intimidation factor keeps you in place. So now you know.

There’s no “secret” to diets. 3 categories one common bond amongst them all.

That’s why I’ve always started with journaling for clients. In the beginning it’s not the foods that are written down or the frequency or anything else. It’s the fact that you have to stop and think about what you’re doing.

I encourage clients to not wait until the end of the day to write it down. That’s like filling out an accident report-after the fact and there’s nothing but wreckage. The writing down what you’re taking in kicks in that internal dialogue. “This is what I’m eating now at 8am for breakfast-where am I going for lunch?and I’m going to need a piece of fruit at 10am I better put that in my bag.” That’s the planning and it starts there.

Keep that in mind. Don’t be fooled. You don’t have time for games or confusion or marketing smoke and mirrors. You want and need to get the weight off as fast as possible with as little confusion as possible. And get it done.

Dedicated to Your Success,


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