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Stop squandering our youth : Unreported and unresponsive reporting systems

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Ok so here is a cheery map. WHAT a delightful diagram on the POSITIVE possibilities of reporting your missing child. This great graphic is by JESS3 and was posted by Lane Kinkaid in 2013, regarding school age kids, K-12. What she said, exists for some people, some places, some of the time.

It is pretty hopeful and much cheerier looking than the next infographic. This infographic maps what the USDJJ (United States Department of Juvenile Justice) has identified about children who are missing. It comes across as something completely different than the above, and probably it is considering a different angle, than one with a school focus.

That infographic doesn't indicate the missing kids who may be abducted once they run away, and troubles are reported to come to kids in these AWOL situations as early as 24 hours after leaving home. The more people know about this general collection of issues, the more questions come on about what statistics are accurate.

And here also is some confirming data about how that peer group might just be a big key to finding kids these days.

This writer agrees completely, that parents need to have a right to seek their child's whereabouts. If parents are responsible for kids now until adolescence ends, at 25, then they need to have and access any options to locate their young person. For safety and health, peace of mind and mutual accountability. All those things grow healthier family relationships, and healthier communities.

Recently, "news" stories about visible and not so visible kids like Relisha Rudd, and this

Anne J. Hill Anne has two pages, and this one has 800 or so likes.

Racine Jane Doe article sof late have come off this writer's fingertips.

Or even little Myra Lewis who has had a severe gap in disseminated information and searches. Partly because her Mom was jailed the day she was declared missing on an unrelated charge? Her family, has done a fine, fine job of listing things that show the initial gaps in response, but they keep the flame alive, and have 9k+ likes and post daily.

ALL of those awarenesses came to this writer through social media... #Twitter. FB and INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE cries to help ppl find their family or friends lost.

Relisha Rudd is in DC and this writer has no connections to that community. Anne J. Hill attended school in this writer's town, but this writer does not know the family. This writer does not know Myra Lewis, from neighboring Mississippi.

And Racine Jane Doe has no family, so far but this: speaks to the extreme care the community in Wisconsin has for her. She endeared them. RJD has had another shot at discovery in death this past October, so many people are watching with renewed interest after 14 years.

By policy, custom or law none of these kids have a person in the community who is an assigned advocate, there is a detective, but that person's job is to tend the evidence or lack of it... not the family. In none of those cases is there any active prosecution, and only one has returned a form.

Private, non-profits have some very unique options for helping. Accounts like .@PollyDad and and .@missingkids help families get supportive advocating response about how to look for and broadcast a missing kid. The Black and Missing Foundation .@BAM_FI network.

And this group, which is run by a Native American women's group out of Canada. which is significant given the huge spike in crimes against indigenous women in North America.

Some YWCA programs offer services of advocacy or accompaniment, but often their services are restricted to domestic violence and sexual assault issues of older teens and adults, not issues of missing. Nothing wrong with checking out your area YWCA, and if they don't have this, maybe they are the best place to get one housed and supported in your community. ASK. There is typically a YWCA in every state.

With an increasing suspicion that missing youth and children may be sex trafficked, it is concerning that these services aren't more obvious to parents and caregivers. As much as 50% of all missing kids are NOT reported missing.

Kidnapped kids are rare, kidnapped murdered kids rarer still, per Marc Klaas father of Polly Klaas,

Mr. Klaas, has pointed out repeatedly and all federal sources have agreed that the EMERGENCY or early alerts on missing kids are fatally flawed from their inception. Below are some examples of gaffs noted lately. Relisha Rudd's case a bit odd, because of the child being absent from her Mother's care for about a month before she was not tractable and then there was murder, missing "caregiver" abductor and then that person ended up dead... and still no girl.... and no girl even now. 100+ days later?

So #AmberAlerts have huge limitations, one of which is if a family doesn't note the missing in the first 3 hrs the child is ineligible. IF the parent cannot NAME the exact abductor OR did not see the child or show evidence that the child is gone by abduction they may be ineligible. If the family member is 13 or over ( the AMBERALERT is good to 17) and the parent has any utterance that may appear the youth could or did run away, then local law enforcement may opt to NOT allow the youth to be reported.

Mr. Klaas has pointed out that the matrix of communications that COULD be used, were known, but not anticipated for USE in the planning and evolution of these issues. Mr. Klaas has a decent if not excellent grasp on WHO in advanced technologies of IT might build proper systems in brevity, or expansive communications.

It would truly be unfortunate, if Mr. Klaas were unheard a second time, and if for some ungodly reason... attempted better structures weren't adopted by the federal level of communications for these alerts, and states could certainly improve and enhance beyond that, but really no reason to reinvent the wheel state by state.

The absence of best practices ( makes much of 1.) reporting 2.) documenting and 3.) broadcasting alerts 4.) providing education to the seeking public 5.) provide supportive assistance to the potential victims family. 6.) legislation that supports parents caring for their children and being allowed to call on services to look for their kids. 7.) monies to allow groups formally and informally to operate in these supports. 8.) cutting edge technology 9.) professionalism through certifications required to participate as investigators defined by maintained same, and state codes of ethics to honor the family and victim.

10.) Mr. Klaas has pointed out that his group has been organized and known since Polly's death to have immediate availability for search parties. He indicated being blocked, in a recent post on KlaasKids regarding some specific non-core data for locating two different missing persons. Begin by letting readers know, that Mr. Klaas search party successfully located the body of a woman, who had been suspected of being abducted, by tracking the announced location of a cell phone signal.

Mr. Klaas angrily (properly) noted that pretty much all parties expected the female was dead, and finding her would only clarify and rest her person for her family. It also expedited noting who the killer was. Klaas has repeatedly as have others expressed concerns that the area law enforcement refused to confirm the cell signal somehow distributed, and also refused to update that data.

So, his group, found the woman without the update, but the circular and obstructionist response from law enforcement has become all to familiar to the general public, that particular law enforcement representative as administrator, identified that TO HELP the searchers with the information would then tip the case, against the yet unidentified alleged perpetrator.

Rarely are these crimes of missing persons, when the person is truly missing, merely about just missing. So blanket these responses over other issues that happen to a victim, for the victim, family or other caregiver or reporting parties.

Lawmakers and law enforcement alike appear to fail to understand the impact of these "amateurish responses" is what like responses were stated to in a similarly discovered self-perpetuating horror in Dutch government regarding similar things a few years ago.

"Amateurish" and chaotic replies to calls for help dumped on the victim, caring family member or caregiver or traumatized public reporting the missing person, self- appointed or not, searching for the missing is completely pathetic. It is as pathetic as the treatment of US Military Veterans, and it is merely another version of systems induced trauma.

Speculations on the web indicate that law enforcement seems to choose obstructionism because: A.) they are understaffed and this is a work reduction option B.) undertrained or unsophisticated "amateurish" staff C.) personality disordered, typically at the leadership and administrative level D.) legalistic to a fault, E.) overwhelmed or in some version of CYA or have F.) grossly underfunded G.) noone has organized the cutting edge education so it is easy for them to use. H.) there is no policy hatching, underpinned by law that would roll changes, I.) no public outrage at any intensity that makes it a real reason to modernize their response.

In other countries utterances about failed investigations looking in wrong directions and following random improper paths could readily be applied to missing kids and other reporting/investigative processes were verbalized to be "confirming the public impression of a biased and partly-amateurish investigations… coupled with violations of basic rights.

Some of what is wrong, surely the public sees, is the 900% growth in the crimes of child sex, child sex trafficking, child porn and imprisonment for sex or work... and abductions? See the 7 part series on Racine Jane Doe, for more information considering a case that is up and running.

An overt example of problems of amateurishness in Oklahoma City is well beyond the control of the police. OKC police are down as much as 600 staff members over the last 20 years, and are in the top 10 highest rates of crimes , top 8 in unsafe places for kids to live by one report..... Here's Mayor Mick Cornett (12 year veteran Mayor for OKC) here is his plan. Have a look at that second highlighted paragraph.

J.) Not every state has laws protecting THE IDENTIFIED VICTIM OR PARENTS OF A SUSPECTED VICTIM or any caregiver or mandate reporter, or even professionally organized amateur search or advocacy groups.

a.) retaliatory reporting, blocking, obstructionist or policy and procedure within the police department witholding delaying or in any way denying timely, accurate and best practices service for missing persons.

b.) As Evidenced by AEB: by a police or social services agency: poor uniformity in reports, record keeping or permeability in systems that distort, dilute or block a victim from getting reporting a crime exactly as they understand it, failure of police to investigate or prosecution for crimes of known, identified criminals.

c.) failure to seek and hold measurable best practices professionalism in all aspects of dealing with the identified victim, caregivers or mandated reporters.

d.) retaliatory reporting, automatic dual filing against a victim for the other half of the alleged crime.

e.) contrived circumstances that allege with great effort a reporting party has an instant mental health problem, never before noted, and not diagnosed by a medical professional then, or now

f.) mandated reporters are required by law TO report, and by law are to be held blameless for reporting. End of story.

So, the pubic is then inclined to suffer in this antiquated web, which is ultimately under the top tier of Eric Holder, US Attorney General.

Some have said, despite President Barack Obama's and Mrs. Obama's insistence that human trafficking stop, that Mr. Holder doesn't take issues of child sex trafficking seriously, and hasn't prosecuted child sex assault, human trafficking or child porn discoveries.... amongst federal staffers, even at the Pentagon, it seems... or in thriving alleged networks in CSP and Family Court sytems across the United States, as Georgia's Nancy Shaefer stated

This problematic web appears to have been mastered by the criminals, and by all accounts, these gaps in service are a door held wide open on human trafficking.

Something is wrong here. Perhaps the public has some other suggestions or solutions.

National Society for Black Physicists made a very exacting suggestion, for searching for the lost and missing... and this writer is wholly unaware of any city, state, county or federal government asking a social media expert or techie expert to provide those solutions, volunteering in care for this horrible gap in service, worldwide.

Mr. Klaas, and the .@BlackPhysicists, they have a stake in better. Wonder who else will call for brainstorming, and formal appointments to improve with a timeline and enlisted, exact actions to improve Missing persons alerts, nationwide if not worldwide.

Polaris Project has a nifty infographic map, provided by having TWO students completing a fellowship completing a grant for a doctoral thesis, it appears...... these two mapped what is available state by state addressing human trafficking. The map is self-explantory, but how much faster and efficient Mr. Klaas or Dr. Lori Handrahan type discussions could be had if the public or law enforcement, or Mr. Holder, or President Obama or Mrs. Obama or Valerie Jarrett or Barbara Boxer.... if that type of map could roll for effective or ineffective responses in the same categories for:

Missing kids

Reporting missing kids

Sexually assaulted kids

Reporting sexually assaulted kids

And so on. Surely this is becoming clear, that paths to comprehend what is in place, measure those against what professionals in the field believe is best practices and effective at a gold and above standard besides the amateurish reactivity that happens now.

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