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Stop squandering our youth : Effective child identifications, missing kids

Cinda Pallett dental pattern looks like a chipped tooth, merely a tipped tooth
Cinda Pallett dental pattern looks like a chipped tooth, merely a tipped tooth
Cinda Pallett missing kids

Mostly, probably people aren't listening all the way when anyone tells you how to successfully broadcast an alert for a missing child. In some parts of the country and for some age groups, understanding just what to do is becoming increasingly important. This kind of thing has happened in bigger cities.... but is on the increase here in Oklahoma.

Long known to federal authorities, FBI, ICE , DHS cite Oklahoma as top 10 in violent crime, and an ongoing hotspot for child sex trafficking hosting the FBI flagship sting operation Operation Stormy Night in 2004. Men's Health Magazine actually scored Oklahoma as 8th worst for kids in the United States. Wow.

THIS information in this article is for when your child is NOT yet missing. It is a review of what is in place, and what needs to be in place for increased safety of children given these issues, and this series will be covering various things in general topics.

+++++ IF for any reason, right now, a reader thinks their child or another's is missing first CALL THE POLICE and make a report... RIGHT NOW. If you are refused for any reason, THEN

Following that police call, or ATTEMPTED CALL, THEN call NCMEC National Center for Missing and Exploited Kids, AND also call KLAASKIDS Marc Klass kids network for searching

50% of missing kids go unreported and dk what percentage ARE then never reported. (Will come back to this.)

Identification of any person happens with basic things

1.) Like clear images that show things like dental patterns, changes in hairstyles, facial structure. School pictures happen twice or more a year these days, which shows progressions nicely. Take some pictures, in clear light that are clear, focused and show hair color, eyecolor and easily visible skin imperfections. Facing forward, and facing to the side. Be sure to get a shot of ears and hairline issues... if that is distinctive to your child. Local unsolved missing persons case, for instance : Pam Tinsley had nordic white white blonde hair and translucent white skin.

2.) Current, clear photos, can be kept on a PDF, preferably on a memory stick. If you don't have a computer, get a file folder or manilla envelope or plastic pocket binder only to hold this information.

3.) In that same file in a safe location, parents need to have their child's fingerprints. Cards for ID are available from schools and clinics, community fairs or online. or this are common formats

A.) ALSO photograph your child's hands, 1. palm side UP and 2.) palm side DOWN. 3.) And the tops of feet. Finger and toe patterns are very distinctive. Do this without polish or fake nails, no need to remove rings, or bracelets.

4.) a.) A photograph of your child teeth, lips apart naturally, tooth patterns are very specific for each person, and change as new teeth emerge.

b.) There are dental impressions kits that can be ordered inexpensively, but would have to be repeated at intervals to have an accurate pattern.

c.) KIDS are supposed to have their first dental appointment by age 2, so your dentist should have a pattern of the teeth of the child and any specifics about the teeth. Babies begin to get teeth as early, so tending tooth development and photos could mean the difference between answers and not. Cinda Pallett dental pattern showed her front Right tooth as tipped, and it looked a bit like a chipped tooth from far away.

5.). DNA swabs are available, and some people have to do them for child custody or tribal confirmations already and can be a swing item in some of those kits above.

6.) This quick kit, along with listings of name, address with zip, phone and fax or email for your kid's school church leader, pediatrician and dentist should complete this set of core data.

7.) Making sure you know the name, address and telephone number, maybe even place of employment and who is in the homes of people your young person visits homes of , takes lessons from or is friends with. Families used to have immediate access to things like this through school or neighborhood directories, but often not so much now. Make it a priority to know.

8.) Keep this in a file that can be shared. Never give up your originals, and mark your calendar to update, just like changing the batteries in the house smoke detector.

Some people do these two tasks coinciding with the time changes in Spring and Fall, so it all gets handled on a schedule and gets done.

So that is an initial look at preventative child identification in the home. Share this article with your school, daycare, afterschool care, neighborhood association, parenting groups or church.

Next up.... that subject of unreported kids.

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