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Stop Slouching: Chairs don't work Nada Chair does

Stop slouching!Want to correct your posture? Nada Chair has all the answers to your posture struggles. Nada Chair 2448 Larpenteur Ave. W. St. Paul, MN, 55113, 651.644.4466 or 1.800.722.2587 for more information visit

Slouching is a bad habit, but it appears to be so natural. Our existence began in a fetal position of comfort. Now when we are sick, sleeping, or sitting we curl up. The results can have terrible effects on our spines.

Ever see someone walking with poor posture? Your immediate reaction might be to pull yourself together—shoulders up straight—head up high. Most people stand as straight as a soldier for at least a few minutes. Then without thinking habit takes over and the slouching begins again.

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The Nada Chair allows users to keep their minds clear of how to sit. It keeps them elevated to the best positioning while sitting at a computer or anywhere.

What is correct posture? Nada Chair answers

How is your posture? Stop thinking about what is correct posture? Don't think about it, just order the Nada Chair. Nada Chair 2448 Larpenter Avenue West St. Paul, MN 55113, call 651.644.4466 or 1.800.722.2587 or visit

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