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Stop Sexual Abuse!-Piercing The Veil Movie


Raquel Bowie-Perkins, Writer & Director has a story to tell on film. Here is the summary: Sexual abuse is REAL and it touches ALL of US. Hello my name is Raquel Perkins and I am a survivor of sexual abuse. I was sexually abused for 4 years and later was in a abusive relationship with the same man. I was emotionally and mentally damaged, until I told my story and received healing. I am now a Life Coach, and Author. My more important role is, I am a mother of 2 daughters.

As a survivor of sexual abuse I have spoken to hundreds of families that have gone through the same thing. Sexual abuse is a bad poison that is eating away at the fabrics of our families in ALL races and communities. My book Piercing the Veil was published in 2010 and it deals with sexual abuse. It tells the story of a spiritual journey that I went on to healing. I want to turn my book into a made for TV mini-series. At the end of the movie there will be a short documentary on how we can help or children that have been hurt by sexual abuse. And as parents what are the signs of sexual abuse.

She is raising $80,000 to get started on the movie. Perks include T-shirts, books, posters, gift bags, attend the premier and get autographed manuscripts.