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Stop ISIS at once: Military point of view

World War III is at hand and it is one between the free world and Islamic State including states that sponsor terror and failed states in the Middle East.

Islamic State must be destroyed
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There is probably unanimity that the Islamic State must be stopped. The question is what is the desired outcome? Surely the United States and its allies can put together a coalition of free world supporters to address the requirement. Surely the U.S. military planners can produce a strategy for achieving a military victory. However, what history has proven time and again right up to the present day Middle East, military victories produce momentary pause in violence that must be sustained by effective political action. Acceptable outcomes cannot be achieved by military might alone. That is why American politics must turn to understanding precisely what is needed to produce peace in the Middle East that is sustainable and lasting.

Today’s story by Gen. John R. Allen, USMC (Ret.) in Defense One features the general’s view that the Islamic State must be destroyed. Reading between the lines, one can sense the frustration that the Obama administration has been slow to react and untimely in response. That is a major problem with this administration and it is the result from two factors:

  1. The President lacks command experience.
  2. The President is a most deficient executive manager.

Lesson for Voters

What this means as a lesson for America voters is to watch for these things in qualifications and candidates’ resumes. Have candidates managed large organizations as a chief executive? Were they successful? What do we know about their management approach? Have they been trained? Has their past performance revealed how they manage?

President Obama’s actions are narrow and politically motivated. They lack vision. He fails to anticipate accurately and therefore his plans and actions are incomplete and flawed. Voters expected more from his applying brute force intellect. That didn’t work because the problems and demands from being president are too great in scope and scale. If a president fails to staff properly, they will never catch up. That is a significant problem for Obama.

Suggested is the war against Islamic State is one from which the outcome portends the fate of the Middle East. There will be more reports on this subject here at National Politics Examiner, so please subscribe.

Summary of General Allen’s view:

  1. Islamic State (ISIS) is a clear and present danger to the United States
  2. The war against IS requires integrated military and economic policies.
  3. America is the only nation that can organize an effective coalition response.
  4. The consequences from this battle with IS will determine the safety of the world going forward.
  5. “The Islamic State is executing a well-thought-out campaign design intended to dismantle both Syria and Iraq and install in their place an Islamic Caliphate.”
  6. Americans may be war weary, but this is WWIII.
  7. IS has foot soldiers in soft spots throughout the world.
  8. Some actor states in the Middle East are failed ones, such as Syria.

“Syria is a failed state neither capable of acting as a sovereign entity nor deserving the respect of one.”

Defense One

The general acknowledges that the President’s actions have been correct, but that now the Nation must rally to support him to scale up the war against Islamic State and to prevent their creating a caliphate.

“Gen. John Allen (Ret.) August 20, 2014

Gen. Allen: Destroy the Islamic State Now

The brutal murder of the brave American journalist James Foley is meant to directly terrorize the world’s media, the international community, and the United States. If all the actions of the Islamic State, or IS, to date weren’t sufficiently reprehensible, this act and the potential for other similar acts will snap American attention with laser-like focus onto the real danger IS poses to the existence of Iraq, the order of the region and to the homelands of Europe and America.

Gen. John R. Allen, USMC (Ret.) led Marines in Anbar Province and was commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. He is a distinguished fellow of foreign policy at the Brookings Institution.

Make no mistake, the abomination of IS is a clear and present danger to the U.S. The only question really is whether the U.S. and its allies and partners will act decisively now while they can still shape events to destroy IS, an act that seems increasingly self-obvious.

President Barack Obama, our commander-in-chief, was right to order airstrikes on IS elements in northern Iraq. He was also right to order humanitarian relief for the Yazidis and other desperate Iraqi minority elements fleeing the onslaught of IS elements, but until the grisly death of James Foley much of the American public was only beginning to awaken to what IS is and the enormity of the threat it represents.”

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