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Stop Hurting Women Self Magazine and Everyone Else

Lucy Danziger, Editor-in-Chief of Self Magazine
Lucy Danziger, Editor-in-Chief of Self Magazine
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This column cannot address the global assault on women today. It is a vital issue that needs to be written about, well, hourly. By the way, former President Jimmy Carter and some newspaper columnists are focusing on the slaughter of female babies- in utero and at birth.

Discussion for another day.

And of course, there is the brutality, rape, acid throwing and economic starvation that too many mothers and women of all ages face throughout their lives.

That is not to say that we cannot confront such domination.

But today the topic is American bullies.

From Chris Christie to Rush Limbaugh to Self Magazine.

There are but three examples of anti women sentiment and harmful actions are everywhere. Keep looking. Like finding Waldo. But not as difficult to discern.

Self Magazine.

There has been no true atonement about the unspeakable perspective of this publication. Their demographic is young woman and the content promoted includes: health, nutrition, beauty and happiness.

And yet, the magazine mocked a young runner who wore a tutu during a marathon.

That fact that said tutued athlete was a cancer survivor and role model and philanthropist should be irrelevant.

How dare Self mock someone who has achieved and manifests their major goals ?

And yes, young girls do get the not so subliminal message that anyone different should be teased and scorned.

The Editor-in-Chief has apologized for the gaffe (too little too late) and will hopefully review their Mean Girls vantage point. Hint Lucy, donate lots of money to Monika Allen's organization.

Rush Limbaugh and his ilk are scared of women (as well as Muslims, Democrats, people of color, scientists and folks with three digit IQ’s.) His hostile, sexual laden assault on people who are either running for office or trying to secure birth control as part of health insurance passes any boundary of decency and relevancy. Just to cite two examples.

Rush Limbaugh presses on knowing exactly what he is doing.

And finally, the non repentant and according to a report he commissioned, beatific Governor of the Garden State.

Chris Christie is- not only a bully, but he focuses on women. Teachers are his means of finding economic relief for his state and the wealthy folks who support him. It is their monies he wants. 75% of educators in New Jersey are female.

Bridge access lanes were closed. It must have been the woman who was suffering through a break-up. Earth to Christie: instead of hiring fat cat lawyer friends, find a female firm to do damage control.

There must be an end to snarky comments by magazines like Self. (By the way ladies, cancel your subscription. Nothing new in the pages and all content can be found somewhere online)

Women shop, purchase, listen, read and vote. So ladies:

Boycott the advertisers of companies who pay for the hostile, misogynist talkers.

Or those that publish same.

And continue to press Chris Christie. He just declared that he is still considering running for President in 2016. For what party: The He Man Woman Haters’ Club?

Actually yes, the Republicans.

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