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Stop hunger by playing a game

1 correct answer=10 grains of rice
Marianna DeBolt, 2014

Can you tell the difference between a Renoir and a Monet? What's the symbol for potassium? Solve this 2x(5+2)(6+3)=? Who wrote Jane Erye? Do you like trivia? Enjoy brushing up on your favorite subject? Or need extra help with your not so favorite subject? Now, imagine yourself playing one of these educational games AND helping thousands of people around the world!

Kids, listen up! Your parents are always on your back about playing too any computer games, spending too much time on the Internet? Go to!

Parents, listen up! Think your kids aren't spending enough time doing charity work, helping those less fortunate and way too much time spending mindless hours on the Internet? Go to!

Teachers, listen up! Need a "what to do when you are done assignment"? Bonus points? Or teaching students to care for others, character education? Go to!

Everyone else, listen up! Enjoy brushing up on your favorite subject? Reviewing for test preps? Love trivia nights? Have a church group looking for a mission? Get your neighborhood ladies who can't sleep at night or workplace friends and challenge each other for fun? Go to!

What is A website where one can play a game and earn food for the people of the world! Choose from Humanities, English, Math, Language Learning, Chemistry, Geography, Science, and Test Prep. For every question answered correctly, 10 grains of rice will be donated through the World Food Programme to help end hunger. Ten grains may not sound like much to us, however to people who are in malnutrition and barely feed on less that 2100 calories for months at a time, a teaspoon is a meal. Therefore, don't stop at one question, answer questions daily. Build up those grains to feed more and more people. But where does the rice come from? Donations from corporations, governments, and individuals support the earnings. Why not just donate and not answer questions? One source said that the games keeps the hunger issue in the forefront, on your mind and allowing those who want to but can't afford to donate play their part. One answer from the website discusses the encouragement of education.

According to the and FAO-Food & Agriculture Organization there are 553 million people in Asia and the Pacific, 227 million in Africa, 47 million, and 16 million in developed countries hungry in the world. Hunger because of climates, wars, displacements, waste, instability, and poverty traps. provides school meals, purchases for progress, emergencies, disasters, and areas of need.
They use earnings to aid food, support economic area, save lives, improve nutrition and promote self reliance. On the website, all the reports of the giving countries are viewable from 1998.

Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Teaching materials such as lesson plans and introduction activities are available on the website. A login in is needed, but there is also a special kind for teachers and students.

In 2013, the United States donated $1,475,585,678, says one of the reports. Help those number go up-Join, play and earn your grains towards stopping hunger around the world! Not a game player, donate.

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