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Stop Gaps Start At Conception

Conception of a child is the beginning of Intervention Services. Whether a mom and dad realize it, they begin to be responsible for fetal development upon conception. They begin a world of stop gaps. If they fail to take on the responsibility, or they are unable to be responsible, our society will begin to subsidize parental services shortly after the baby is born.

What are some early stop gaps for parents? First and foremost, their own health impacts the baby after conception. Smoking and Substance abuse are the first impacts of a child's life after conception. Both can cause a lifetime of damage. Next, health care choices will immediately impact fetal development. Poor nutrition can lead to problems for the fetus along with prenatal care and vitamins.

After the fetus begins to develop their senses, many environmental factors can contribute to a healthy pregnancy. How healthy a relationship the mom and dad has can impact fetal development. Fighting and disruptions can have an adverse impact on a healthy fetus. Parental stressors can directly impact a healthy pregnancy.

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