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Stop fumbling through social

Manage You Social
Manage You Social
photo by daveeda

Being irrelevant on social media is pretty damn easy to do. There are tons of ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ clogging up the streams with their crap. If you want your voice and quality to be known then you have to cut through all that BS.

Managing your efforts on social media is tough, there’s no doubt about it. And bloggers like to do things ourselves. So you probably don’t have a fancy assistant, and it’s not likely you've convinced a friend to sit around all day and help you manage things.

Unless you did. In that case, good job!

But if you’re like the rest of us, then you've had to resort to using bulky tools that didn't really do what you’d hoped. I mean, there’s no shortage of ‘em.

Things like Hootsuite and Buffer are great tools, and they help a little, but they don’t quite get you where you need to be. And they certainly weren't the best option for me.

After fumbling my way through social media for a while I was introduced to Swayy.

Swayy is a social management dashboard that allows you find content as well as share it.

Being able to find content, schedule it and share it, all from the same place is a huge time saver.

The popular tools only seem to be able to do one or the other.

You can see why it’s my favorite.

With Swayy you’re allowed to connect your profiles from FaceBook, Twitter and Linkedin. If you have company pages or groups that you belong to, you can share to them as well.

Which brings me to the innovation of Swayy.

First off, it was pretty damn innovative to begin with, but they continue to add features.

Last month they released an extension for chrome that allows you to share right from the browser.

This month they've added the ability to share to Linkedin pages and groups.

These are just a couple of the *newest* features, they’re always adding more. What’s important to note here is that when Swayy adds new features, nothing changes for you.

They make everything blend in to the way the dashboard already operates. This is another big time saver.

Sometimes when these kinds of tools get new features they totally rearrange everything. Leaving you to learn how to operate the damn thing all over again.

That sucks!

Of all the things Swayy does, I’d have to say I appreciate this the most.

Now that Swayy has grown to more than 20,000 users, we are sure to see some big changes in the social landscape.

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