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Stop feeling depressed through simple exercise

Sadness can turn into depression which can quickly turn into a life-crippling disease. One way to stop feeling depressed is through simple exercise. The hard part is getting started! However, once an exercise routine is started, it is much easier to continue exercising.

Exercise is instrumental in creating proper oxygen-rich blood flow to the organs as well as promoting peristalsis in the colon, enabling proper endocrine function, and releasing energy within the brain and body. This renewed energy elevates the mood, causing a feeling of well-being. Other benefits of exercise include an improved immune system, good thermostasis, and many social benefits such as self confidence and distraction from worry.

The best type of exercise is the type of exercise that is best suited for the individual. For some, it may be running; for others, it can simply be gardening or walking around in a store or mall. The main thing to consider is movement. Twenty to thirty minutes of exercise throughout the day on a three to six day cycle is probably best; however, it is best to consult a physician first if taking medications, injured, or ill. Individuals should listen to their bodies and stop exercising if feeling dizzy or overly uncomfortable.

If self-care just is not working, see Dr. Ed Jessee, psychologist, PhD on Northshore Drive in Knoxville, TN. This doctor with 20+ years’ experience works with many different types of issues in a very natural, biopsychosocial way.

Dr. Ed Jessee