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Stop child abuse now

Hearing about horrendous child abuse is too much for a heart to absorb. The reasoning, logic and all sense of caring must not be present. Child abuse prevention month is in April, and society needs to step up and protect children.

Before helping others, check yourself. Child abuse comes in all ugly sizes - physical,sexual,verbal and emotional. Any one or combination is horrible and needs to stop immediately.

If you feel the urge to abuse or temper starts taking the best of you, please stop, make sure your child is safe and then walk away. Adults have every right to feel strong emotions but you do not have any right to hurt or destroy a child.

Childhood is a small glimpse of life but the foundation of a lifetime. Parenthood involves mistakes but not ones that involve bruises and scars mentally or physically. Stop, walk away and get yourself under control.

If urges are too severe, please talk to someone. Deep down you love your child. Abuse won't solve anything and just be damaging. Call for help.

If you suspect someone is abusing a child, do something. Report it, help the child and the parent. Children can't protect themselves.

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