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Stop blaming Obama for everything

Protesting the Bush administration in May 2007.
Protesting the Bush administration in May 2007.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

I am absolutely disgusted by the political discourse in this country. No matter what evidence is brought forward (much of it by Iraq War veterans) concerning the lies that both preceded and followed the Iraq war, I have yet to meet one single conservative who will admit any wrongdoing by the Bush administration in invading Iraq. We've all seen evidence of these lies perpetrated upon Congress and the American people in order to start that ill-fated war, as well as the grotesque profits reaped by Bush, Cheney and other war profiteers.

Yet, even conservatives who claim to dislike Bush won’t admit a thing in this regard. Instead, they insist on blaming everything (yes – even the current situation in Iraq brought on by Bush-installed Nouri al-Maliki) on President Obama. When reminded of Bush dropping the ball in Afghanistan and conjuring up lies to start a self-serving war in Iraq, they just mockingly chide “It’s all Bush’s fault,” or “Bush! Bush! Bush!” Then they proceed to seriously blame everything wrong with our country on President Obama – a single, mortal human being. One minute they’re railing over his “absolute incompetence,” and then next they’re blaming him for everything that’s gone wrong with the U.S. since before most of the voting public even knew who he was. Neither is possible, much less true. Not even for the individual George W. Bush, mind you.

Therefore, I spend most of political time defending President Obama – not because I “worship” him as they claim, but because I don’t like bullies and liars. These conservatives – many who claim to be Libertarians – are despicably ignorant and hateful. They have devolved from being part of the problem to being THE PROBLEM. I shall remain more Libertarian than they will ever be as long as they continue to champion this ignorance and hatred. Unfortunately, they are a stubborn lot and will continue to be a scourge upon our society. We have a tough road ahead as long as these Neanderthal neo-cons are running interference and blaming President Obama for everything, which they will surely continue to do long after he is out of office.