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Stop Being so Fearful

The sun will come up tomorrow.
The sun will come up tomorrow.
M. Zieff

There are smartphones, caller ID and so much stuff to play with it is so easy to get distracted for what you really want. Whether it is sports, career, family or just you….deep inside you want to be successful. Your’re even pretty sure you’re going for it, really hard!

ACTUALLY, the truth is: Your’re not.

In every situation there is power. Many call this the cutting edge, every situation has a cliff. However we don’t want to get too close to edge because we fear falling off.

Are you paralyzed because you don’t have a goal? -OR- Are you afraid of doing it?

Taking just a few line we can bring some of those manufactured false fears:

  • You don’t want to offend people.
  • You don’t want to be ridiculed or judged.
  • Will it make me look stupid?
  • Will people stop loving me?
  • Are you afraid you lack confidence?
  • Are you afraid of losing your “stuff” or going broke?
  • Your custom list………

Use your common sense. Everyone around you are also feeling these pressures, you, me everyone.

Those of us that get through by just doing the things we need to do, (get off our rear ends) are the ones who will make it. The others won’t.

Did you pick up in the last line…”the things we need to do”. Our human brain is sometimes trapped with fear. This can prevent us from growing. We don’t contribute to other people. It prevents us from living a happy, satisfied, fulfilled and free life. This manufactured fear is the antithesis of freedom. It is, by definition, a prison. I guarantee it!

There is some good news. FEAR IS A CHOICE. Your can choose to be afraid, or deliberately choose to live without it. When someone or something stands in the way, you must ask yourself, WHY or what am I afraid of.

A few instant brain changes might be:

  • Get rid of the TV.
  • Write a book.
  • Do things you would not normally do.
  • Take a trip.
  • Your custom list….

The edge of the cliff, or your personal power, will smash out fear. Always remember, in the big scheme of things, what other people think doesn’t matter anyway.

WOW. YOU JUST MADE A POWER DECISION THAT HAS CHANGED YOU LIFE! -OR - What, if your decision or certain new change did not work as anticipated? Your experience at the edge of the cliff probably made you stronger and in deliberate control.

IT IS WHAT YOU THINK OF YOURSELF that really matters.

It is YOUR life.

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