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Stop and view the Life/Art Dance Ensemble

Life/Art Dance Ensemble

Have you ever intentionally stopped to look around while at a restaurant, an airport, or simply while walking down the street to notice how many people are engrossed on their devices? Or, perhaps, have you ever been engaged in a conversation with someone only to be momentarily silenced so they can take a time to look at their phone, because the text message/email/fb message takes precedence over their live, in person, face-to-face discussion with you? Do you ever get frustrated trying to decipher the plethora of hashtags at the end of a facebook or twitter post? Well, friends, welcome to the electronic age of communication that surely dehumanizes us, just a little bit. A world where messages need to be decoded, conversations are digital, and all of our activities are shared with our thousands of “friends”.

Life/Art Dance Ensemble investigates these questions with their new work “Error Message” which premiered this past weekend. Utilizing ten dancers, live music, and film, “Error Message” addresses the theme of how technology affects personal relationships in an age where social media reigns predominantly over humankind. Running close to two hours, the showcase of dance/art is comprised entirely of premieres, which in turn examines social networking, hashtagging, online dating and, in general, information overload.

You have one last chance to check it out. Their final performance is Saturday, August 30. So, silence your phone, turn off your iPad and go witness some live art!

Error Message
Life/Art Dance Ensemble
Crossroads Theater
2590 Washington St
Denver, CO 80205

August 30
8 pm