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Stop and pick some strawberries

Scenes from Kenny's Upick Farm.
Scenes from Kenny's Upick Farm.
photos by: Salena Wakim

Families strolled up and down the rows, choosing the best looking berries from the hydroponically grown plants. Bright red strawberries drew the eye of all those around who were there to pick them. Thus, today marks the official opening to the Upick season at Kenny’s Strawberry Farm.

March 14th marks the 2014 Grand Opening of the Upick season at Kenny's Farm
photo by: Salena Wakim

This year’s strawberry plants are all of the San Andreas variety, and although fewer planter boxes were grown this year, the San Andreas plants should continue producing berries throughout the growing season (perhaps all the way to late June or early July). To help maintain the supply, the facility is also opting to only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this year (a decision that was made part-way through last season, which seemed to work out well). The hours stay the same though, with the farm opening at 10 am and closing at 6 pm. Parking is still free.

Prices remain about the same to what they were last year, as does the availability of both the strawberry lemonade, and the strawberry jam. New this year though, is the inclusion of grow-at-home hydroponic kits in the Country Store. The kits come with everything that you’ll need to grow our own berries at home, except for the plants. Also coming later in the season will be the introduction of green beans and tomatoes. So, keep an eye out for those newcomers when they arrive. In the meantime, grab a bucket and some scissors, it’s once again berry picking time.