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Stop an illegal alien magnet in Arkansas

Will we need a similar sign on the Arkansas Border
Will we need a similar sign on the Arkansas BorderThe Patriot Post

The Arkansas Legislative Fiscal Session started on Monday. While the funding of several items is taking place, the biggest debate will be over the Arkansas Obamacare Act, better known as the Private Option. The Arkansas Private Option was a way to get people onto the government dole but just use a few insurance companies to do it. Hospitals supposedly needed The Private Option in order to prevent bankruptcy. Many hospitals along the US/Mexico border were shut down due to illegal alien patients and would have been saved had true border security been put in place, but that was not discussed during the debates over The Private Option or Obamacare debates. Arkansas voters had already rejected the Private Option by voting in John Cooper for Arkansas Senate District 21, but it turns out the Arkansas Hospitals lied about ending up broke if the Private Option were not passed.

Those who oppose illegal immigration should join the effort in defunding the Private Option during this fiscal session. Since Arkansas does not have Self Deportation Laws that require proof of citizenship for state benefits, illegal aliens will be able to benefit from the Private Option by committing fraud. Legal Immigrants and illegal aliens take massive amounts of welfare, which the Private Option will increase. Advertising for the Private Option in spanish has been going on for months now and would likely continue if the Private Option were still funded. Several states near Arkansas have passed Self Deportation Laws, which force some illegal aliens to return to their native countries, but others to go to other states such as Arkansas. Here is a video of a discussion regarding the Private Option and illegal immigration.

Contact the Arkansas Legislators and demand they defund the Private Option that will become a magnet for illegal aliens. You can visit the Arkansas Legislative Website to learn about events, get contact information, and read legislation being written.

House In Session Phone: 501-682-6211

Senate In Session Phone: 501-682-2902


Great story of local activist defeating the pro-illegal alien lobby.


List of events for Thursday 02/12/14

5:30pm Central Arkansas Young Republicans Social at Maduro's

109 Main Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

7:00pm JAX/Cabot TEA Party Meeting

Community Room at Centennial Bank 300 W. Main Cabot Arkansas

7:00pm Faulkner County TEA Party Meeting

McGee Center, Conway, Arkansas


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