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Stoney LaRue and 16 bands for Kinsley’s Kure Concert this Sunday

On Sunday, May 18, 2014 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Redneck Country Club in Stafford, Texas, Stoney LaRue and over16 of Texas’ best Country Music artists will perform for Concert for a Cause benefiting Kinsley’s Kure for terminally-ill children, founded by Jennifer Brown-Thomas.

Kinsley's Kure Concert for the Cause
Kinsley's Kure Concert for the Cause
Sherryjane Cooke, Kinsley's Kure and various performing artists
Jennifer Brown-Thomas, mother of Kinsley, founder of Kinsley's Kure and angel to Maddie Higgins and her family
Courtesy of photographer Nicole Bernal

As always, our beloved Country musicians answered the call to help Kinsley’s Kure Concert for the Cause for these children and families. Personally knowing most of these incredible artists, I know their hearts are as big as Texas. It comes through in their awesome songwriting, songs and using their talents to make a dedicated difference in this world.

Doors open at noon, live music and silent auction begin at 2 pm and continues until 10 pm. With this fantastic talent lineup on behalf of a great cause, a great silent auction, you'll also enjoy tasty BBQ with ice cold beverages served by the great staff at the Redneck Country Club. To attend, you must be 21 years or older.

Texas Country music's best of the best will perform; Stoney LaRue and The Arsenals will headline for this worthy cause, Kinsley’s Kure. Moreover, the list of Country music artists on May 18 is no less spectacular, including

Through knowing the beauty of their songs or talking with them personally, you’ll find that this is the heart of the Texas Country musician – giving of time, incredible talents and amazing music to help those less fortunate and causes like Kinsley’s Kure, helping terminally-ill children and their families.

Founder, Jennifer Brown-Thomas says, “Many of these organizations for terminally-ill children are limited to one wish per child. So, if that child gets sick but goes into remission and then gets sick again, they aren't eligible for more help. Most organizations won't even consider these kids again,” Make a Wish Foundation and A Wish with Wings are two very large organizations who will fulfill and are limited to one wish per child. If that child gets sick but goes into remission and then gets sick again, they aren't eligible for more help.

George Darsey, friend and co-coordinator of the event, adds, “The difference between these large organizations and Kinsley’s Kure is that we do not serve as many as they do, but, we are different in that we help with funeral costs. It's not something we like to think of but often families are dropped after something happens to their child. It's very sad. No one else, to my knowledge does this. Jennifer and her team actually meet with the subject family's doctors and get involved with helping the family. Everything is verified carefully.”

The passion and creation for Kinsley's Kure sprang from little “Maddie” (Madeline Parker Higgins,) a friend of Jennifer’s little daughter, Kinsley. Maddie bravely survived 22 months of fighting against glioblastoma. She had 2 brain surgeries and 66 radiation treatments before she succumbed to this most aggressive form of cancer. Maddie passed away in September 2013, on the night she was supposed to see Kelly Clarkson in concert. She was the first Kinsley's Kure child, but by no means, the last.

Jennifer says, “She was very special and remains to be an intricate part of how we function today. As a mom, it does make you cringe to think of how you could possible handle losing a child. How in the world do you go on? It's a horrific thought. Maddie’s parents have struggled so much. They have a younger son too. He was, 7 or 8 months old when Maddie died. Nevertheless, we were able to do some phenomenal things with her. I know, without doubt, that Maddie was very happy with all her wishes fulfilled. We helped Maddie’s family get through very tough times and heal in a small way.”

This concert (and one coming up in September 2014) is designed to raise awareness and, hopefully, the money so that Kinsley’s Kure can continue to build and help more and more families. George Darsey, a strong supporter, volunteer and friend of Jennifer’s father says. “When Jennifer witnessed the incredible financial strain and exhaustive efforts that go into trying to manage a family and care for a sick child on an ongoing basis she stepped up to the plate to make a difference. Kinsley’s Kure is rapidly being known for the sole purpose of making this world a better place.”

One of Jennifer's favorite sayings is, "my love for you knows no bounds, for you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside." Jennifer has that beautiful sense of passion, as our Texas musicians know so well. They touch the deepest places in our soul with their songs, they know our hearts and they know few bounds when it comes to giving. We can only wish there will be more people like Jennifer, George and their volunteers, these selfless Texas Country musicians, businesses and individuals helping Kinsley’s Kure.

"Never has there been a bond quite as strong as that between a mother and her child. At the moment a baby is born, you have two best friends who will never again be complete without the other." ~ Jennifer Brown-Thomas ~

Kinsley’s Kure - For contact information, for Donations and other information for sponsors and attendees, please visit our web site at

Redneck Country Club
11110 W Airport Blvd.
Stafford, TX - United States



Box Office Phone: (903) 576-5963 - Tickets: When choosing the “buy 9 get one free” option, please add 10 tickets to the total amount to receive the discount.

Just a note: These amazing Texas musicians are helping touch more young lives through their songs and support of causes like Kinsley’s Kure. Pay it forward for them as well. Attend their performances and buy their music. It’s the least we can do for their selfless giving.

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