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Stone's brewery fundraiser will offer Chicago collaboration as premium

This collaboration with Two Brothers of Warrenville and Aleman of Chicago will be premium in Stone's IndieGogo campaign
This collaboration with Two Brothers of Warrenville and Aleman of Chicago will be premium in Stone's IndieGogo campaign
Stone Brewing Co.

Greg Koch, CEO and co-founder of Stone Brewing Co., made a stop at Two Brothers Roundhouse in Aurora Monday, to announce another premium in Stone's Indiegogo campaign.

Stone recently announced it will be the first American craft brewery to own and operate a brewery in Europe. They are also about to make a decision on where they will be opening a brewery east of the Mississippi. To celebrate these announcements, Stone has launched an Indiegogo campaign centered on pre-selling beers called “Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations.” These beers will be brewed with some of the most well-known, award-winning brewers from around the world at Stone Brewing Co. – Berlin once the brewery is operational.

Koch has been touring the country to announce the collaborations as they are "unlocked" with each fundraising plateau. In Aurora, Koch was joined by Jason Ebel of Two Brothers and Jim Moorehouse of Aleman Brewing to announce that one of the premiums would be the return of Aleman/Two Brothers/Stone DayMan Coffee IPA. The first DayMan was released March 18, 2013. According to a Stone spokeperson, fan polling proclaimed it one of Stone's most popular and requested beers, one they most wanted to see released again. When the idea for Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations came up, it was decided that one of the beers would have to be an amped up version of the 2013 DayMan release.

A 1.5 liter commemorative bottle will be sold for $30 and come with a $10 gift card to Two Brothers and a $10 gift card to Aleman’s forthcoming online shop (both gift cards are limited to the first 1,000 individual bottles sold). The beer will be brewed once the brewery in Berlin is operational and bottles will be available for pick up at Stone Brewing Co. locations in Escondido, CA, Pasadena, CA, Berlin, Germany and at a future location east of the Mississippi. Those who kick in $300 will receive a voucher for a case of 12 1.5 liter DayMan beers, and a $3,000 contribution gets you ten cases.

Other beers available to claim, at the same price points, are an unnamed collaboration with Lost Abbey, and one with Maui Brewing Co. of Hawaii. Previous, sold-out, premiums include an Alesmith collaboration, Super Duper Arrogant, a Strong Ale that revisits an earlier collaboration with Le Baladin of Italy, a three-way Imperial Royal Imperial Saison du BUFF, with Dogfish Head and Victory Brewing , a Special Magic Wøøtstout, the collaboration with Wil Wheaton and Drew Curtis, and a second take on the Black Double Belgian IPA brewed with Scotland’s BrewDog in 2009.

Those who want to get in on the premiums may need to act quickly. $890,376 of its $1,000,000 goal. Other premiums are available, including T-shirts and glasses, and a Pre-party invite for the brewery's opening (travel not included). The campaign closes August 16. The beer premiums would be brewed at the Berlin facility some time after its planned opening in 2015.

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