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'Stone Cold' Steve Austin supports same-sex marriage, slams religious right

Over the years more athletes and celebrities have come out in favor of same-sex marriage and LGBT quality, but maybe none as aggressive as WWE wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Actor and WWE personality 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin appears at a news conference announcing the WWE Network at the 2014 International CES at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas on January 8, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo by Ethan Miller

When people think of some of the biggest and greatest names in the world of professional wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin is one that instantly comes to mind. Though retired for over 10 years, the 49 year old WWE Hall of Famer has been keeping busy with a popular podcast. While it was recorded in 2013, one topic has come to light and has been making the rounds over the last few days.

The topic of same-sex marriage came up and Austin quickly came to its defense.

"I'm for same-sex marriage. I don't give a s**t if two guys, two gals, guy-gay, whatever it is...I believe that any human being in America or any human being in the God damn world that wants to be married (should be). If it's the same sex, then more power to 'em."

Austin didn't stop there. "Stone Cold" continued and delivered a verbal stunner on the religious right and their often intolerance and ignorant stance on the issue.

"What also chaps my a** is that some of these churches have the high horse that they get on and say, 'We as a church do not believe in that.' Which one of these mother f**kers talked to God and God said that same-sex marriage was a no-can-do? Can you verify, can you give me some 411?

I don't think there is a God that says, 'You cannot do this. You cannot do that.' Okay, so two cats can't get married if they wanna get married, but then a guy can go murder 14 people, molest five kids, then go to f**king prison and accept God and he's gonna let him into heaven? After the fact that he did all that s**t? See, that's all horse s**t to me. That don't jive with me."

Professional wrestling and wrestlers often get hit with an unfair criticism, but when it comes to defending the LGBT community, they seem to be very progressive. Last year, current superstar Darren Young came out as gay and what seemed to be the entire WWE locker room, including top star John Cena, came to his defense. The WWE also sponsors the Be a STAR campaign which discourages all bullying and focuses on bringing young students and children together through diversity.

The WWE is run by Vince McMahon, whose wife Linda ran for a Senate seat in Connecticut as a Republican in 2010 and 2012 but was unsuccessful. The McMahon family can be described as fiscally conservative, but have proven to be socially liberal over the years.

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