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Stone Brewing releases Go To IPA

Stone Go To IPA
Stone Go To IPA
Don Ayres

Session beers have been the trend for the last few years. While people love drinking full-flavored craft beer, it’s hard to drink more than two beers with high alcohol content without feeling sluggish. Session beers solve that by giving a craft beer experience without overwhelming alcohol content. Stone Brewing became the latest brewery to enter the session beer market with Monday’s release of Stone Go To IPA.

While session beers have been around for a while, the hot trend has been to make session IPAs. Some session beers suffer from a diminished flavor profile, but session IPAs allow brewers to add flavor without upping the sugar content. The result is a flavorful beer without a ton of alcohol.

Stone Go To IPA carries on the hop-forward tradition set forth by the Escondido beer pioneers. Open a bottle, and you get the pleasant hop aroma that you’ve come to expect from Stone beers. The beer pours a light golden color with plenty of carbonation out of the bottle. The flavor follows the aroma with just enough malty sweetness to balance the bitterness from the hops.

A technique called hop bursting is responsible for creating the strong flavors and aromas in Go To IPA. Hop Bursting is when a brewer adds a massive dose of hops during the late stages of the brewing process. This process helps to impart an extra dose of hoppy flavor and aroma.

“Hop bursting really helped us overcome the challenge of making a lower alcohol full-flavored brew that doesn’t taste thin or watery,” says Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele. “By using this method, we created an intense hop aroma and flavor along with a smoother bitterness.”

Go To IPA is the latest addition to Stone’s portfolio of year-round offerings. Six-packs of bottles should be available at most stores that carry Stone beer, and some establishments may have it on draft. No matter how you buy it, Stone Go To IPA is a great way to get some flavor without dragging yourself down.

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