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Stone Brewing Co. launches ambitious Indiegogo campaign

Makers of Arrogant Bastard Ale launch $1 million crowdfunding campaign
Courtesy of Stone Brewing Co.

A quick look through the Indiegogo website will show that the crowdfunding of beer-related projects is fairly common. Some of these projects were funded well beyond their goals, while others failed miserably. Today, San Diego-based Stone Brewing Company has launched its first ever crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in an attempt to expedite the construction of the restaurant and garden components of their recent expansion projects: Stone Brewing Co. Berlin and “East of the Mississippi” (location to be announced).

Both locations will feature brewing, distributing, and packaging operations, farm-to-table restaurants, beautiful gardens, and retails facilities. To say this is a major undertaking would be an understatement. It is projected that it will take everything Stone has and can borrow to make this ambitious plan come to fruition. Instead of reaching out to venture capitalists, Stone is looking to its U.S. fan base for the help it needs to pull off this major expansion.

Donors to this freshly launched campaign, hereafter referred to by Stone as Cross-Planetary Brewing Revolutionaries, will help fund some of the greatest beer-drinking destinations in the world and in the process receive perks of some seriously intense brews from Stone and the craft brew brethren with which Stone has joined forces. The first wave of beers from this newly formed Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations will be a Dogfish Head/Victory/Stone Imperial Royal Saison du BUFF, a Brewdog and Stone SPECIAL bashah, and a Baladin and Stone Super Duper Arrogant. If you know beer, you know that these collaborations and the prospective beers are very serious, groundbreaking stuff.

Stone Brewing Co. hopes to raise at least one million bucks through Indiegogo. Their fans, a widely diverse bunch of beer lovers, have helped push Stone to be the 10th largest craft brewing company in the United States, so it is not beyond the pale to think that this campaign is that much of a long shot. It should be noted that this Indiegogo campaign is the flexible funding type which means that they get to keep all funds raised even if they don’t reach their full funding goal. Perks start at $11 for a T-shirt, and go all the way to $30,000 for a tour of their San Diego facility, a weekend in CEO Greg Koch’s downtown loft, a very special dinner with beer pairing, and a bottle of every collaboration beer produced, and much more.

For more information about Stone Brewing Co. and the Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations, visit or head on over to their Indiegogo page.

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