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STOMP opens your heart to the music that beats all around you


STOMP at the Hippodrome through Sunday.

A man with a push broom begins sweeping the stage with the audience not sure if he is a rogue stage hand or if the show had begun.

After a minute of cleaning, the man gets bored and begins to experiment by making sounds with the brush of the broom.

It was then that the audience realized that the performance had begun!

With the rest of the performers joining the stage with push brooms, the Hippodrome now had the cleanest stage in Baltimore!

The cast of STOMP did a bang up job of making music out of brooms, match boxes, trash cans, and even newspapers!

But this show didn't just have people making music with everyday objects, it was something more.  Most of the cast members had a definate character that they used to tell often humorous stories.  So funny, in fact, that a little boy in the audience was often heard laughing, causing more audience (and cast) members to laugh even louder!

After the show, by the stage door, was a young boy waiting for the performers to come out.  But life was a little different for this boy, for after the show he knew that music was all around him.  Instead of playing music on an ipod, he found music by him tapping on the rain gutter while his mother and sister were clapping along with the beat. 

One of the performers that came out of the stage door was Mike Silvia.  The first time he saw STOMP was at the age of 12.  Now 27, he was now in the very same show that blew him away.  With 2,500 people auditioning for the tour of STOMP, Mr. Silvia was happy to literally  "beat"  the competition.

TICKET INFORMATION:  Performances now through March 28th.  Friday at 8PM, Saturday at 2PM and 8PM, Sunday at 1PM and 6:30PM.  Phone: 410-547-SEAT or visit

PRODUCTION CREDITS:  Created and Directed by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, Lighting by Steve McNicholas and Neil Tiplady, Executive Produced by Richard Frankel Productions, Marc Routh, and Aldo Scrofani

CAST:  John Angeles, Jaclynn Bridges, E. Donisha Brown, Guillaume Carreira, Andres Fernandez, Cammie Griffin, Michael R. Landis, Guy Mandozzi, Justin Myles, Mike Silvia, Elec Simon, Nicholas Van Young

Below is a video montage of the STOMP tour.

The following items are used by the STOMP tour on a weekly basis

30 Brooms
288 Liters of Water
2 Gallons of Floor Paint
10 Wooden Poles
40 Newspapers
20 Pounds of Sand
10 Garbage Can Lids
4 Hammer Handles
1 Block of Chalk
5 Rolls of Gaff Tape
2 Ace Bandages
12 Boxes of Matches
1 Pedal Bin
10 Booties
1 Tape Measure
7 Garbage Cans
20 Drum Sticks
4 Boxes of Tissues
3 Ball Point Pens

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