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‘STOMP’ brings rhythm to Toledo

Performers use trash cans in finale.
Performers use trash cans in finale.
Steve McNicholas

The ensemble crew of “STOMP” banged, clapped and danced its way across the Stranahan Theater’s stage last night.

The percussionists created a unique performance of musical routines. “I challenge anyone who has seen the show to explain it to someone who has not seen the show,” Ivan Delaforce said in a recent phone interview. Delaforce is on the current tour as a performer and rehearsal director. He defines the show as “a visual, percussion show using nonconventional objects as instruments. It contains comedy, characters and music.”

The production, which has been playing for over two decades now, had the performers use paint cans, broomsticks, and even tractor tire inner tubes to create a beat. Approximately a dozen different routines were weaved together into one 90 minute performance. Performed without an intermission, the eight performers take turns on stage.

Tickets are still available for the two Sunday shows in Toledo. Show times are 2 and 7 p.m. For tickets, see the Stranahan Theater website. For other tour dates and times, check the “STOMP” website.

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