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Stolen plane DUI: Man charged with DUI after stealing plane, car

A stolen plane incident ended in a DUI and other charges for one man in Boulder City, Nevada. On March 4, The Inquisitr reported that Paul Michael Waddle was arrested on Sunday night after he stole a plane at the Boulder City Municipal Airport. Waddle piloted the plane, taking off and landing the aircraft at least three separate times. Apparently Waddle was trying to complete the last portion of his pilot license test -- that's what he told police anyway.

Waddle was arrested on the scene but it wasn't easily. Police actually had to take him down because he kept reaching for his waistband when he was approached. It was not reported whether or not he had a firearm or other weapon on his person.

The stolen plane lead to the DUI charge as police say that Mr. Waddle was slurring his speech when he was approached. He was given a breathalyzer and his blood/alcohol level was .132. Waddle was somehow able to fly the plane without incident despite being drunk but chances are, he won't be getting his pilot's license anytime soon.

The charges brought against Waddle don't solely revolve around the DUI and the stolen plane. Apparently Waddle also stole a car and obstructed a police officer. It's unknown if he has any criminal history or any previous DUIs but he will likely find himself facing a strict punishment for his actions either way.

More on this stolen plane / DUI case in the video above.

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