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Stolen passports and terror concerns for Malaysia Airlines flight

Reports surface that two travelers aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 were using stolen passports. US officials told NBC News on Saturday that two individuals used stolen passports on the March 8th, 2014, flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing, China, which vanished somewhere over the South China Sea. The use of stolen passports raises suspicion that terrorism may be behind the attempt to conceal their identities.

The airline released a manifest which included the names 'Luigi Maraldi' of Italy and 'Christian Kozel' of Austria. The passports were reported to authorities as stolen in Thailand over a year ago, and both nations have announced that the original bearers of the documents were not on board flight 370.

Officials will now begin to identify those two individuals who were traveling under the assumed identities. An 'Al Qaeda Training Manual' discovered by the Public Broadcasting Service stresses the importance of terrorist operatives to falsify identity in a lesson entitled 'Counterfeit Currency and Forged Documents.'

Malaysia airlines has established a website to provide the latest details on the missing flight. Authorities are exploring a large oil slick in the South China Sea as a potential crash site for flight 370. A major clue will be locating the flight data recorder, or 'black box,' which would provide essential information for investigators.

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